Delayed data in Grafana using InfluxDB vs native NTOP plugin, or drawing issue

I’ve asked this question to the NTOP community as the source of the data is that, however, as I look at this, I’m wondering if this isn’t a Grafana issue.

I’ve copied and pasted this from the NTOP github site…

I’m trying to leverage Grafana as much as possible with a variety of data sources, NTOPNG being one.

I’ve recently moved from RRD to InfluxDB within NTOPNG and subsequently am playing around with various graphs within Grafana.

In this instance, I’ve created the same graph twice, using the NTOPNG plugin on one and the InfluxDB plugin on the other. While the data is identical as expected, there’s a delay when looking at the data from the latter source. The graph on the left is the direct NTOPNG hook.


As you can see, there’s a seven minute difference in the timestamps for the same chunk of data. I’m not sure of the interaction exactly from NTOPNG to InfluxDB. In addition, and I don’t know if this is the source of the issue, the graph drawn doesn’t line up to the left edge of the available space.

I’d like to ensure the data pulled from influxDB is as real-time as possible, at least compared to a direct hook to NTOPNG.

Is this a known issue, just how it is, or are there some tweaks that can be done to speed up the availability of data into Grafana, or is this simply a drawing issue?