Grafana is loading data from influxdb very slow

I am using Grafana enterprise and Influxdb as the data source and a Python script that is sending data into the influxdb. Now the issue is :

  1. when I am loading previous data into the DB Grafana shows me live data counts as present in DB without any delay.

But when I am loading that same data with the current date into the DB Grafana is not showing live data counts and when i am refreshing it, increases by very few counts like 50-60.

  1. When i am running on the previous date’s data which has approximately 1500K records and Grafana running live, now with the same data with the current date increasing live till 100K or 150K, and after this, it increases by 50-60 counts whereas influxdb 's records are increasing continuously.

And I also observed that when records are not increasing in influxdb and 1400K records are there in influxDb, Grafana showing only 250K and increasing slowly on refresh.

Please help how can i resolve this issue, it’s been a very long time since I am stuck on this issue.