Accessing Grafana portal from internet

Hi, I Deployed Grafana on Window VM in Azure (Window Server 2016 datacenter).

  1. I used msi to configure grafana on VM
  2. Post installation I opened http://localhost:3000 on the VM, all went well
  3. I created custom.ini from sample.ini
  4. Updated http_port = 8080, restarted grafana service
  5. When I opened http://localhost:8080 on the server, all went well
  6. Server has a public ip and DNS
  7. When I try to access grafana using public ip or DNS from my laptop I get no response
  8. I installed IIS on server and was able to access default website from my laptop so networking is not a problem
  9. I also added 8080,80,443 to Network Security Group assigned to VM

Can you please suggest what am I doing wrong and why is grafan not responding to request coming from internet. Is there any specific configuration I am missing.
I have been with this problem past 1 week, urgent help will be really appreciated.