2 Field display on the Bar Gauge


I have data as show as table below, there are two fields “Train” and “alarm Ratio”
is there any solution to visualize as “Bar Gauge” to display the Value of “alarm Ratio” field while each bar display the name of value in the “Train” field

All Bar show “field name” , if any solution to show name as value of Train field.

Thank you


What is your data source and version of grafana?

I am using Grafana version 7.5.11
The data source is from elasticsearch

Thank you

You want it to be like this?

Hi Y

Yes, exactly! This is what I need to display on the Chart.
Can you please advice how to setting on Grafana to be like this

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Can you please advice , how to display like this please

nothing special just your basic bar chart with x axis pointing to the train column

thank you , but when I am seleting Bar chart it show message “Unable to graph data”

might be time to upgrade from v7, v7 is very very old.

I have select Visualization “Graph” and there is no selection of X Axis to pointion to the train. , Please advice any specific Visualization as you provided in the screen shot


Can you advice, Is there any alternative way like utilize filed override or Transform function to sort out this please

strange but if you make the Format as time series it works in v7