Bar Gauge Numeric Fields - Expose the ID (text) as number

Hi everyone.

I’m creating the bar gauge dash to show the average values by desc sorting. There is something really weird happening… When I choose the “Numeric Fields” in “Fields”, the average elapsed time of each document is presented, as expected, but the IDs are presented as value numbers too:

My Configuration and the data table result (using the $__cell_0 in Display Name)

The bar gauge results:
bargauge_problem|690x194 !

Note that the red box with the ID values as Numeric fields (maped as text) and the blue box with the average results.

Is someone experiencing the same problem?

Hello @brunofds! You can use Query Inspector to see if IDs are coming from Elasticsearch as strings or numeric values. If they are string, I would open issue on github. If they come as number, then Grafana is displaying it correctly.

What you can do to fix your Bar gauge is to use Transformation and hide all id fields and show only time.

hi @brunofds ,do you resolve the problem ?