15 min delay in data being visible?

Hi folks

We’ve noticed we’re seeing a 15 minute delay in the appearance of metrics into our charts.

The data isn’t missing, but as an example, if it’s 3pm, we only see data up until 2.45pm and then it’s a blank. That data will then start to appear as time advances.

Is this a deliberate delay with Hosted Metrics/Grafana?

I may also set up a local Grafana VM just my own sanity, but it would be good to hear if anyone else sees this, and if so, if they are aware of why.


Thought I’d upload a screengrab to show the delay.

Whilst in zero way scientific, I’ve set up a local Grafana/Graphite lab and am sending data to it.

Zero delay in stats appearing.

Assuming you are displaying “Last x minutes…or hours” …?
There is a setting in dashboard that I think is causing your delay:
Settings -> General -> Time Options: Now delay now-


Thanks for the reply.

Although we do have this set, it’s defined as 1m (we also tried it left empty). No difference.


If I restart carbon-relay-ng then we immediately start to gets stats … for about 7 or 8 minutes.

Then they drop off again and we’re back to not having anything visible for the last 15 minutes.

If I send the stats to a local Graphite/Grafana set up I never see this 15 minute delay.

Please, click to the time range again on the right up corner after you added a delay time in the settings. The “now delay” parameter will work if you set a new time range. Not to user friendly but working.

Nope, fraid not… but then based on the fact we’ve other issues with our hosted Grafana/Metrics environment, this 15 min delay is possibly just one of the results of the underlying issue.

Has the problem been solved


Problem is in file /usr/share/zabbix/include/classes/graphdraw/CLineGraphDraw.php