Dashboard plotting is in late

Hi all , i notice , with a refresh time of one seconds, that dashboard is in late of a couple of minutes as shown in picture:

but after a while delay is reset to zero and everything works fine.

How can avoid this? Is it a settings?

make sure you browser (computer) time is synced with server time. Or that the sensor writing data are in sync with your time

or maybe there is some caching going on in your TSDB (not in Grafana, Grafana does not cache) . Think this is not a Grafana issue but an issue with your query or data store

I can see all data in almost real time on my elasticsearch db. If I query last data on elastic, I can find them.Grafana take a while to analize data on browser side?

No, it shows it directly. You can open query inspector (in graph edit / metrics tab, top right of metrics tab).

There you will see request and raw response from Elasticearch. What you can is view the data points that ES returns. The dates ES returns are in epoch milliseconds, so to convert it to you local time you can use javascript in chrome console new Date(specifydatenumber)