Zoom graph to date from dashboard variable

I want to be able to select a date from a dashboard variable and then I want the corresponding graph to display the data from this date and 24h onward. For example in this picture I have chosen 22th of november, and a part of the graph is showing (since it is 22th today, and the generic time range of the dashboard is last 24 hours):

But if I now want to check how the data looked like on the 15th, the data is out of range:

And from here I can either click on the “Zoom to data” button, which I don’t want, since that would change the time range of all other controls on the dashboard, or to apply an offset/relative time to the graph. So if I add this to the graph (subtract 7 days and look one day ahead from there) it seems to work:

But how do can I do this automatically? I don’t want to modify the timerange of the control every time I change the drop down menu. This works automatically from an influxdb dashboard, but I cannot get it to work in grafana. Any tips?

Im using grafana 9.2.2