Variable - Calendar

I have a Dashboard populated by InfluxDB and depending of the time range, the whole dashboard is full of information.

I need to compare values, so I created 2 equal panels, the information of 1 of them is filled with the time range at the top of the dashboard (The one by default in grafana). The second panel need to be filled with information in another time range, could be last year, 2 year ago and so on… Using default grafana time range will update the whole dashboard with unnecessary data, I NEED THE COMPARISON PANEL TO BE INDEPENDENT OF THE DASHBOARD.

Is it possible to create a variable with a calendar in it or something similar? so I can add the variable to my query in influxDB

|> range(start: v.timeRangeStart, stop: v.timeRangeStop) >>> Data coming from grafana time range
|> range(start: variable calendar, stop: variable calendar)


I don’t know if you what you want is possible, but I wanted to make sure that you have explored the timeshift feature inside each panel editor. This lets you shift the view on a per panel basis. Might get you partially unblocked?