"yesterday" or "now-1d/d" as default value in URL or constant dashboard variable

Hi there,
Actually I a new to Grafana and working on designing dashboard where:

  1. Time series Chart to display production for the current month as default
  2. Below time series chart there are different panels displaying the details like mean values, percentage difference etc. basis the day selected from the time series chart.
    For this, i have created constant variable which stores the clicked bar from the time series and passed to dashboard url which in turns display the results in panel.
    I want that when the dashboard is opened for the first time, by default url / constant variable has “yesterday” or “now-1d/d” as default value so that my panels doesn’t show empty “no data” and instead show yesterdays values.
    How do I achieve this? Please help.

Thanks and Regards.

Hi @hirenddesai

Maybe you can this post as it defines how each panel can have its own individual timeline.

I hope this helps.