Internal variable for current dashboard url


I try to configure a table panel with rendered value as link. My goal is when you click on link, it updates current dashboard variable.

To do this, I want to pass variable in current dashboard url. Unfortunately I did not find if an internal variable containing current url (or current dashboard uid) exists? I have to put the dashboard uid in the link. Which seems not elegant.

Do you have an idea?

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I have the same question. Can anyone confirm whether this is possible to access the current URI or URL?

In my case, I have many panels on many dashboards. If I hard code the full URL into a dashlink (yes, functionally this works) but then subsequently change the dashboard name or copy the panel to another dashboard, the links become invalid.

There is a special variable ${__cell_x} to select the table column. I am looking for a special variable - including syntax - to access the current URI.

Any thoughts?

I know this is late but I was looking for this answer and after finding no help experimented with it myself. I found that ${__dashboard.uid} substitutes in the current dashboards uid. I can’t find this in the documentation at all but it’s working now. It may break in the future so test it out. Hope this helps someone else (or future me)!!!