How to set query options in future?

Hi everyone,

Problem :
I’m trying to display a panel with the current day (now/d) but I’m only able to retrieve the “Today so far” .

1. My dashboard configuration
now/d to now+1d

2. My panel configuration
I tried some configuration but I’m maybe missing something.

  • I tried to put the Relative time to now/d but it is only doing “Today so far” and as I’m making prediction, I’d like to see the whole day until midnight.
  • I also tried to put the Time shift to 1d but it is not solving my problem because I still have 2 days of data instead of 1.

Does anyone already meet that problem ?

If my problem isn’t clear enough, do not hesitate to ask for more information.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Finally I found a solution, I put the time shift to 0s/d so the grah is only according to today and then I put the relative time to 0s and everything is working fine :slight_smile: