Possible to hardcode "today so far" in "Min period" and "Override relative time"?

I would like to show a Table of data that, no matter what range has been selected, shows data for “today so far” (which I would set in Time range > Override relative time) and also summarizes the data over this whole period, i.e. shows just a single value for each series (which I would do by setting Metrics > Min period). However it seems these two fields do not support the expression now/d-now and the closest I can get is to simply set both to 24h. Or is there a better way? Thank you!

(For the curious: I want to show how many times each of our (unsuccessful) batch jobs has failed today)

It seems I can achieve the latter by setting Options > Table transform to “Time series aggregation” but still don’t know how to make the query return only data for “today so far” instead of the last 1d, irrespective of the dashboard’s time range.