X-axis represents the value range

Hello, im trying to create a line graph that his X-axis is a value and not time.
I’ve been trying for a long time to find a way to do this but I didn’t find a way.
The graph need to look like that:

Is something like this possible?

Hello you can plot this with timeseries panel i think,
with “time” and value you can plot anything with it:
otherwise check to this

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What is your data source?

What @alexandrearmand said spot on

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I tried to use plotly, but it missing a lot of features that Time series and graph old have. (for example draw a threshold line), is there a way to combine Graph (old) with plotly?

I found that in Graph (old) theres a Histogram mode in the X-Axis settings, but when I try to display my graph it says: “Unable to graph data”

There is a way to configure it to work somehow?

did you try time series panel ?
it’s best solution, have all option you need and more simple to use.
on the screen of @yosiasz you can see the data format needed :
i think type is need to value should be a int or float and time should be a int
i think “time” column is required name too
Time series | Grafana documentation