X-Axis of grafana bar charts from DB

I have a dataset as follows.

Where the severity count and Types of severity both keep on increasing
and I want to plot a bar chart with types of severity on x-axis

in my grafana dashboard assuming it is stored in my influxdb as rows with

TIMESTAMP | count of severity | Severity |
<doesn’t mat> | 289 | 6 |
…5 rows

Please help me out how can I update X-Axis of grafana charts

You must choose Series as the X-Axes and make your query return a column named metric that should be the severity type.

Can I change the length of series according to unique severities in severities column as the types also keep on increasing with time

How to change the X-axis ?
I’m trying to read data from ElasticSearch and modify the X-axis to a field name after grouping it. But I’m not able to do so.

Can you please assist !