Writing a new Plugin

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently trying to figure out how to start writing a datasource plugin.
I read the docs for developers and looked on some ready code ( jsonsimple, elastic ).
I have few questions which may help me in understating how to build for myself the environment for writing the plugin.

  1. right now, Im using visual code in Linux to writhe the code in typescript. after every change Im restarting the server to see the affect. is this the right/best way? any tips ?

  2. where I can see the flow of the execution of the files? I know datasource.ts/js is the mail file and there are some more,but where I can see the order of the execution?

  3. I see elastic uses function imported from here : @grafana/ui
    how can I see the functions that are implemented there?

  4. suppose I have some variable which I want to see the value it gets while running…what is the best way to see that? go to browser and click inspect?

thanks in advance
and have a wonderful day,

Arkady Mankovsky

It seems that the authorities don’t want the community to be good.

no docs, no guidelines, no reply;

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Could these links be useful?

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it seems very helpful! thank you very much:)