Write data from grafana in the data source

Is there any way by which I can write data in the database after viewing it on grafana ?

With alerting maybe (by using webhooks) in other case not AFAIK.

Webhooks only gives the alert notification. I want a page which can be integrated with grafana like a link or something to that page and will write data there and push data into data source.Is that possible?

So code a plugin or script (with html sanitize) with that link and a backend which write data in your datasource.

Hello @maahi, we use Apache NiFi to insert or update records in the database.

We have a link column which we show in a table. We show a very simple web page which is hosted on NiFi when user clicks the link. If user clicks the “Save” button on the web page we update or insert the record in the database. Web page takes the record id from the link. It is something like http://localhost:7500/UpdateRecord?id=101 . The id (101) is generated from the database.

I believe that Node-Red has a simpler approach, or any web developer can use his stack (WAMP, etc) but we must use an external tool to make it work. But it is not a big issue to deal with.

I may share the complete flow if anyone needs it. We’ve developed a flow which records the alarm information when grafana triggers any alarm. User then may enter a reason or cause for that alarm. We’ve used this procedure with Postgresql and SQL Server.


Thankyou for the information but please share the complete flow.

So the plugin must be the datasource plugin,right?

Flows are here http://bit.ly/NiFiGrafanaAlarmProcessing .
One for processing the alarm info and another for processing the user input about the alarm.

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Can you share again? Link is dead now. Thanksss

Ups, I didn’t take it as a serious subject. I will try to find them.

I posted a solution here MQTT Data in HTML panel, however it is based in a not documented feature that may change in the future.

Hi turkertunali,

Are you now able to send again the documents about your solution?

Thanks a lot