Insert data via plugin

Is it possible to write a plugin where I can write data and store it some database? I need insert some values via plugin to modify some global variables.

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Have you found a plugin that supports this feature? I’m looking for a similar plugin.

Dear Rogerio and Shuang,

thanks for bringing this up! We’ve conducted some research around that topic and found others are looking into similar directions.

While it might feel differently when looking at this firsthand, you might want to substitute »submitting download commands« through »storing within a database« – and voilà!

Especially @ryantxu’s implementation of the Field Display / Editor outlined within the topic referenced above seems to be reasonably close to your request.

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how i solved this problem, i use the anottation of grafana, and gotcha the data directly in grafana database.
Or you can writing a plugin ( here u can see an example to modify: to writing data in grafana database or another database.