World Map Plugin with Prometheus


I am having trouble setting up the World Map plugin with Prometheus. I have looked at some other posts and have tried the suggestions but can’t seem to get it to work. I can try setting it up using coordinates but I wanted to try and get the geohash working as I thought it would be quicker.

This is the Prometheus metric with geohash (Sorry have just signed up and can only post 2 images):
# HELP time_last_touched_total timestamp metric for GTFS
# TYPE time_last_touched_total counter
gtfs_time_last_touched_total{dir="/ito/local/dataset/gtfs-la_combined/latest",geohash=“9q5ct”} 11717.8199365

Below are the settings I am trying:

As far as I can see I’ve done everything needed, however it keeps coming up with “Missing geohash value”. Any suggestions?