Grafana Geomap for Prometheus data source

Hello team,

I have a some metrics from Prometheus which I need to display in Grafana by country wise.

I have a three metrics for China,India and Germany. Im trying to to visualize such metrics result (values) on Map , But no result has shown on Map as per attached screenshot. Can you please help me with any reference > Or correct me what is missing.

Do your metrics include latitude and longitudes?

Further to what @sowdenraymond wrote, if you do have Lat & Lon fields, they need to be specified here:

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No , I have no idea how to include Lat/log into my metrics, Do I have any reference please

Sorry I have no idea about lat/log fields with my metrics, Do i have any reference please


As you recommended I have passed lat/log value from our prometheus pushgatway to Grafana but still there is no positive result is stating “Select latitude/longitude fields” Even “Auto” doesn’t identify the location despite correct lat/log are included, You can refer in second and third metrics

This is my metrics values in Stat format for your reference. Please let know what should I do in order to show Success_Status value to each location. Here I have added only India lat/log as first step.

Can you show the table view of your data please?

It shows only first metrics data

Where is the latitude and longitude data you said you added?

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In table format its not showing, As I mentioned above you can see lat/log value in Stat format.

I have a prometheus datasource which is fetching data from Prometheus pushgatway

Can you try an extract fields transformation, to get the data into separate fields?

Thanks its working now ! But I need a one more help. As you see below pic:1 table value is CRITICAL NOW (Created value mapping if value is 0 = Critical and Color should changed to RED). But In map still showing Green only irrespective of Value. pic 2

Value Mapping

Use the Style setting instead

If the field value is already CRITICAL, try this:

No the value is 0 only since I added Value Mapping 0 = Critical in Table it shows as same (Critical) I sent it for your reference. Please check image here

It looked from a previous post that you were already getting a value of CRITICAL?