World Map plugin not working on Grafana 5.x

I have an instance of Grafana 4.4.3 that has the world map plugin and it’s working just fine.
I have installed another instance of Grafana 5.2.2-1 and used the same config but the dots seem not loading.
Is there any reports of the plugin not working on version 5 ?

My datasource is graphite by the way with json file as my source for coordinates.

Appreciate the help.

Make sure you have the latest version of plugin for Grafana v5. Please check existing issues and/or open bug report at

@mefraimsson appreciate the response, so the issue was only showing on 5.0 version. I mistakenly mentioned 5.2.2-1 . After I actually upgraded to 5.2.2-1 the plugin seems to be working now.
This plugin is crucial to our decision of upgrading to 5.x .

Thank you again !