Wiki style feedback or help mechanism?

Hi There,

First of all, thank-you for the fantastic product.

My company is starting to use grafana extensively. We have developed dozens of dashboards, and there are some that are becoming important.

As the system grows, I think it would be really important to provide a feedback mechanism. For example, say a dashboard kept a server for overheating, it would be nice to embed into the dashboard itself, what the person did to find the information that led to that save.

Having users contribute metadata to a relevant dashboard, and having that metadata/feedback indexed will be a big part in our users taking this system to the next level.

For example, on wikipedia, I can hit another tab, and see the discussion about the article.

On stackoverflow, I can see a question, with a rated list of responses. It would be really nice to be able to have a panel, or a tab, or some other mechanism that would allow me to provide an interface for users that would allow them to contribute information to the system. Then, if I was to throw an indexer at my grafana site, I should be able to “google” some keywords, and come up with a list of relevant dashboards.

Are there others that have tied this type of data together?

Have you considered using annotations for marking important events?

Would suggest searching Grafana github issues (closed and open) for similar feature. Open a new feature request if you cant find any existing issue.