Why is there no table column filter for custom plugins?

I can see that when adding the default built-in Table on my dashboard it has the option to enable a column filter where the end user can just click on that funnel icon and then start filtering for names.

However, when I am developing a custom plugin, using the same Grafana UI table component, there is no option to enable the filter feature, it would be nice if that was integrated with the Table component.

Right here I see the options for the developer’s Grafana UI Table:


There is only the onCellFilterAdded option, but what I am looking for is the Column Filter. Unless maybe I am misunderstanding the cell filter option, I couldn’t get that to work for what I need (which is filtering the whole column just like the table component in non developer mode).

I think you are a lot better spending a couple of days making your own table component with react-table (as used by Grafana). For styling you can use the colors from useTheme2 import { useTheme2 } from '@grafana/ui'; and they will react to dark/light theme. You can make an almost exact replica of theirs.