New to Grafana - Table panel Not reflecting by Filters

I have already created a Table panel by adding all the Column names. Now I have created a Templating (Filter).
Eg: My templating is “Country”.

Whenever I select the values in templating, my table is not Filtered by the Templating values. Kindly help me.


We’ll need more information. Please provide

  • Your Grafana version
  • The name of data source that you’re using
  • Query you’re using for your table



Grafana 5.0
Data source: Elastic Search
I haven’t return Query. I have selected Raw Document, and in the “Options” tab, I am adding all the columns required to display.

Template: I have Country Template. {“find”: “terms”, “field”: “Country.keyword”}

Okay. But in order for the table to be filtered you need to actually add the template variable filter to your table query.


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Thanks, I have created and got the answer.
I gave this in Table Query. Its working.
Country.keyword:$Country AND Center.keyword:$Center

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