Why is Data I haven't Requested Being Return in a Panel Query?

I have an interesting situation. I create the following query in one of my panels to pull only HTTP errors for a REST API. I am using ElasticSearch as the datasource:

AND fields.Environment:dev
AND fields.RequestPath:"/api"*
AND fields.metricEvent.Tags.Success:false

Here is the Kibana equivalent of the query:
fields.Application:eq.api AND fields.Environment:dev AND fields.RequestPath:"/api" AND fields.metricEvent.Tags.Success:false*

The Kibana query returns what I’d expect: All non-200 responses.

However, when I use the query in Grafana, it is including ALL responses, even 200 responses, but it’s showing counts of 0 for the 200s.

Where are these coming from and how do I get rid of them?

I’ve proven it works in Kibana using the same query, but getting different results from Grafana.