Issues with "Raw Document" and elasticsearch

Trying to create a simple query to display the status of my ES cluster health - though I’d use the singlestat and query cluster_state.status, but when I select Raw Document grafana seems to hang. I’ve tried the query via kibana with no issues. My second though would be to use the Table element so I could scroll back through the health history, but same issues with the table plugin.

singlestat panel only works with time series data currently.

So where is raw document usable? I’ve also been trying to use it in the table panel, but once I select raw document it hangs and I get the pop-up to stop scripts. I’m querying the cluster_state from kibana’s monitoring tables - .monitoring-es-2-YYYY.MM.DD - the following query, cluster_state.status: red OR yellow OR green, returns 100+ results and when I use Count as the metric the data is displayed fine, but once I move to raw document for the metric I get the “Warning: Unresponsive script” popup.

that is very strange, have no other reports on raw document not working with table panel.

My thoughts exactly - I searched, but see no one else seeing this issue. I know the query works since the count metric displays results, but when moving to raw document I get the script error. I’m running Grafana 4.2.0 and ES 5.2.2 alone with Kibana 5.2.2 I am running an old version of FireFox that I have no control over, but do have a way to test Chrome and will give that a try.

I’ve been able to isolate the issue to an old browser version, this functionality works fine under later versions of chrome.