Why CPU basic board is not display data?

Hi. I use Node Exporter Full dashboard. Quick CPU information is ok but Basic CPU information is not showed data. Please advise

Hi @fintechblognet,

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Can you please share the link of the Dashboard you downloaded so that I can also check it and try to reproduce it?

Hi. I used “Node Exporter Full” dashboard.
Link: Node Exporter Full | Grafana Labs

Hi @fintechblognet,

Thanks for sharing the link.

I have tested it out on my test machine and it seems to be working fine.

The things I did was:

Once I imported this dashboard, the Basic CPU information was also blank like yours and I went to that panel by selecting “Edit” and there I see the following PromQL queries;

(which seems different in your shared screenshot)

However, once I go back without making any changes and set the time range (in the top right corner) from 24hrs to 5 min. The graph got populated.

I am using Grafana ver 9

I am not sure why it shows “Random walk” in the query field even though “Prometheus” is set as a datasource in your screenshot. One tip would be to change the UID of the imported dashboard from default to something random.

If that still does not help then open a GitHub issue to the developer directly as this Dashboard is not maintained by us directly but by a community user.

Here is the link to that.

I hope this helps.