Which influxdb version has support for Grafana 6.0.0

Do we have any limitation of influxdb version supporting on gafana 6.0.0?
And also want to know about grafana 7.5.0 supported influxdb version

Hi @vendeeshwaran

What versions of InfluxDB do you want to run?

Hi @mattabrams
I want the latest one. is this possible?

I can spin up a Grafana 6 instance and test the compatibility, but I have to ask:

Why run Grafana 6.0.0? That version is over two years old. Grafana 8.1.1 was just released, and it is substantially improved from v6 …

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I am trying to upgrading the Grafana from v4.3.0. I have customized few things in v4.3.0. and the latest Grafana running on react Js but old Grafana running on angular. So that I am trying to upgrade v6.0.0 from v4.3.0.

I don’t know where v6 falls in the Angular to React migration that Grafana underwent…

I do know that 4.3.0 is quite old. Curious: what would you lose if you started with a fresh install of Grafana 8? The advancements made in Grafana between v4 are v8 astonishing…

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