Upgrading to new version


I’m currently using Grafana version 6.6.2.
I see an announcement that Grafana release 6.7.4 and 7.0.2. I like to upgrade, but which version should I use? 6.7.4 or 7.0.2, what is the difference, why two releases in same time? Little confusing

My installation on Windows


I don’t know for sure but I think there was a security issue found recently so I expect the 6.7.4 release was to patch that issue in v6.

v7.0.3 is actually the latest official release at time of writing.

I upgraded to v7 soon after it was released and it had (and still has) quite a few bugs and even missing features over the older release, even with the latest nightly build. So my recommendation would be to stick with the latest v6 release until v7 matures a bit.

Edit: I don’t want to sound negative, I think the product is amazing and the devs are doing a great job!

@codlord is correct, 6.7.4 is just a security patch on top of 6.7.3 (which was released in March/April).

New major releases packs many new features and changes that we avoid putting into minor releases. Adding features and doing major changes almost always leads to the introduction of new bugs — but there are also known bugs being fixed which we’re not fixing for Grafana 6.

We always recommend running the latest release of Grafana, but Grafana 6 still receives security updates and will continue to do so for quite a while (until Grafana 8 is out, we don’t have the capacity to support more than two versions at a time) so there’s no hurry :slight_smile:

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Thank you for clarification