Grafana 6.7 stable version

Hello Team, Can you please confirm if Grfana 6.7.x version is stable version to use, as i can see on website it is still beta version. Please confirm when it will become stable version? and what is the recommended version to use as of now.

Helllo @ericdeepti, Grafana 6.7.3 is the latest stable version. You can always check to see the latest stable version.

Hello @ivanahuckova, Why i have confused, when i see this link: it says 6.7 is beta version. Please confirm.

Good catch @ericdeepti! :+1: That should have been updated after stable release. We will update it. Thank you very much for sharing this. :heart:

My Pleasure @ivanahuckova. Thanks for prompt reply.

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Hi @ivanahuckova are we expecting new releases in 6.x track and what is the frequency of releasing the new version of Grafana. Thanks

Docs updated :slightly_smiling_face:Once again, thanks for pointing this out. Regarding your question - Grafana 7.0.0 stable version has been released yesterday. :tada: You can learn more here or at Grafana blog. And regarding releases, past year, we have done 1 major release and around 8 minor releases.

Hi, Could you please confirm if Grafana version 6.7.3 is supported version and till when.

We are planning to use this version. Hope it will be supported for next couple of years.


Hello Team,

Please confirm, as this is really urgent for us.


I have to ask, what do you mean by “supported”?

The Open Source Edition has no official support - that’s what this list is for.

If you’re asking about the Enterprise Version, see or ask your account manager;
I doubt anyone here on this list is sufficiently familiar with Enterprise
Support to answer helpfully.



Hi Antony,

For support i mean the Maintenance life (end of life) of the version, like as Kibana has publish below. which mean after EOL dates, no bug fixes no TR fixes, no security patches.

Do we have this kind of data published for Grafana versions?