Which cookies does Grafana Faro use


we need to know which Cookies Grafana Faro add to websites when using it. Is there a documentation about it? I tried to but did not find anything regarding this topic. We need this for our GDPR data protection page and cookie banner.

Thank you in advance!


Anyone with an idea?

I would say that Faro doesn’t use cookie. I checked my app where I have Faro and I don’t see any Faro cookie. Also check source code - https://github.com/search?q=repo%3Agrafana%2Ffaro-web-sdk%20cookie&type=code - there is cookie only for demo app, but not for Faro code. There can be used session or local storage, but that’s not a cookie.

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@jangaraj thanks for your response.

If I understand European GDPR right, it needs to be at least mentioned in the data privacy page of the website. Does someone know a German or European company that uses Faro to have a look at their data privacy page to see how they solved this topic?


Yes. Grafana Labs :slight_smile: Check footer for: Legal and Security, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy.

Hello – you can also find this question answered in the Faro SDK FAQ Section here: FAQ Faro Web-SDK | Grafana Cloud documentation. The answer is no.


oh that makes sense :smiley: Thank you!