Grafana faro with Vue.js

I am using grafana faro for frontend observability in grafana cloud. I want to track user activity for every soft nevigation. we are using vue.js for our application. And as of now we are only getting user data when page is reloaded. Is there any way to have use data even for every soft nevigations done?

It is not clear what is that “user data”, but you can use Vue router. You can push/set what you need there, when route is changed. For example Faro view name:

router.afterEach((to, from) => {
  const { name, fullPath } = to;
  faro.api.setView({ name: name });

@jangaraj ,
New session is not fetched unless we reload the page. We want to get session details like on which page user was and what kind of activities happend without reloading the page.

So why my suggestion doesn’t work for that? You complain about something, but you didn’t show your implementation. I guess your implementation is wrong, when it is not working. Provide reproducible example pls, not just “it doesn’t work”.


As per your suggestion,we have added this code snippet .
image (11)

This snippet doesn’t fetch session when route changes everytime. sometime it just dropps the nevigation.
Is there anything that we should add on this?

Sorry, it’s hard to understand what you need with your terminology.

Let’s say we had one application that has 10 pages. now when the route will change in application, this function should be called and entry of the nevigation should be pushed in faro. For Example: user went from home page >contact us section >about us section > payment.

But we are not getting all the activity in the session, Randomly some activities are being dropped and we are not able to get the pattern that when will faro not capture new route.

Did you get the idea about the issue now?