Where to download mimir-2.4 RPM

Grafana release page (Releases · grafana/mimir · GitHub) say there are RPM packages for mimir

Is this and/or future releases going to be available in Grafana OSS Repo:
here `https://packages.grafana.com/oss/rpm ?

Hi @marcinp,

As per the documentation it is defined here as how to download Mimir;

Though I haven’t yet played with Mimir but it seems that once you for e.g. add the helm repo, should list you the version 2.4.x (as the document is also linked with v.2.4.x)

I hope this helps.

Thanks Usman
You have missed the point I’m asking for standalone binary for Classic RHEL Linux and not container/kubernetes/hełm.

Hi Marcin,

Sorry that I misunderstood it.

Found a blog article as how to download Mimir locally and use it with it dependencies:

I will try to get our documentation team to check as whether is there a missing link to install locally as it only points to using Kubernetes or HELM.

Ah found it as it was there under “Get started”:

I hope this helps.

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