Where can I know how to use or how to modify visulization tools

Hi, I’m using Grafana 8.0 to visualize my data.

I tried to install csv datasource plugin and successfully to read my data in table view.

But I get trouble in visualizing it with the visulization tools of Grafana. It shows “Data does not have a time field”.

Details are shown in the following pictures.

It confused me and I want to know where can I get help like documentation if I want to successfully use it.

Thanks for your reading and help.

Hi, can you go into your query view and view the underlying SQL for your table? I see you have a column called “datetime”. You may have to alias this in your SQL to “time”. If your query was something like:

SELECT datetime FROM mytable;

Change it to:

SELECT datetime as "time" FROM mytable;

Also check whether your panel is formatted as a “Time series” or a “Table”. I think that “Table” is the option that you want. I hope this helps?


Thanks! Your answer helps a lot!

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