When using a variable as part of a table link, it becomes a relative url

I have variables setup for several different URLs in my environment. For example:

$url1 = https://url1.com/something
$url2 = https://url2.com/somethingelse

When I use a table panel and I use “Render Value as Link” and for both the tooltip value and the url value I put $url1 (I’ve also tried [[url1]]). When I do this, the tooltip appears correctly but the link becomes “/https://url1.com/something” so the browser tries to go to [[root_url]]/[[url1]]. If I change the link to https://url1.com/something (instead of using the variable) then it works just fine, goes to that url fine, and doesn’t render it as a relative value.

I’m running for this instance, grafana 6.2.1 in a docker container. I’ve tried not specifying a root_url in my environment variables and I’ve tried specifying. I’ve tried direct to the grafana service and I’ve tried through a reverse proxy (nginx), all result in the same behavior.