What Visualizations/Plugins support alerts?

Hi, very new to Grafana and would just like a more learned person’s view. I have been looking at the basic components default to Grafana, and have noticed that the Alert tab is only available for the Graph type of visualization.
Is this correct? Or is there something particular I can/have to do to access alerting on other visualization types?

Any help or guidance anyone can give is greatly appreciated.

Yes you are correct, currently only the graph panel supports alerts.

Personally, for that reason I have never bothered to use Grafana alerts.

Depending on your datasource, you may be able to do much more comprehensive alerting there. For example, Prometheus has a prometheus-alertmanager component.

But I only use Prometheus and MySQL datasources so that’s all I can comment on. And for MySQL I just use custom cron shell scripts for alerts etc.