Alerting in custom plugin


I’m developing a custom plugin and I’m having trouble figuring out how alerting can be integrated into the custom plugin.

Is alerting supported in graph panels alone?


P.S. I’m using version 4.6.3

Alerting is only available to internal plugins at the moment, we are working on backend plugin support this allow external plugins to provide alerting.

Hello,do you know when to support this?

Any updates on this? Are the custom plugins supporting Alerts? I tried the following but it’s still not working.

type MyExecutor struct{}

func NewMyExecutor(dsInfo *models.DataSource) (tsdb.TsdbQueryEndpoint, error) {

return &MyExecutor{}, nil


func init() {

tsdb.RegisterTsdbQueryEndpoint(“my-datasource”, NewMyExecutor)


func (e *MyExecutor) Query(ctx context.Context, dsInfo *models.DataSource, tsdbQuery *tsdb.TsdbQuery) (*tsdb.Response, error) {

var err error

result := &tsdb.Response{

Results: make(map[string]*tsdb.QueryResult),


return result, err


The error says

tsdb.HandleRequest() error Could not find executor for data source type: my-datasource

I am facing a different problem but it is related to alerts and custom panel plugins.

I am currently using Grafana 7.0 with InfluxDB and a custom panel plugin. The Alert tab hides except when I am using the standard Graph panel. How can I set up my custom panel plugin to show the Alert tab?