What tool to use to present JSON from online source

The Dutch Government has a website for some Open Data from which you can download the data as a JSON file. For example: JSON URL. Now I’m not sure what tool to use to make a nice graph of this data. The JSON is always a complete list of all the data.

Is it better to use telegraf to grab the data from the site once a day or can I just use Grafana for this? Do I then have to drop the table every-time I load the data since it is always the complete data set?



Things to take into consideration is how much data (volume) is fetched ? What is the network latency from your servers to that service ?
You have the option to pull directly from Grafana using a JSON plugin if the amount of data is reasonable.
Using telegraf also is a good solution if you are planning to store the data to a db (influxdb), so that it is always available for Grafana without that network pull to public service( also if the service is down for hours, you would have your data stored on the influxdb).

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It is a test project to get some feeling in working with data. Currently it is just 400 records and I doubt it’ll go over 1000 records. And this is the data in one record, so I think I’ll go for the live view on the data using a Grafana plugin. Thanks

Date : “2020-02-17”
Rt_low : “0.50”
Rt_avg : “1.93”
Rt_up : “4.00”
population : “hosp”

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Good Luck, don’t hesitate if you have other questions.

If the size of the data is reasonably small or just a ad-hoc solution, go with the plugins like grafana infinity datasource or json api datasource.

Below example is from infinity datasource for your data.

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Thanks, got it to work with your tip.

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