What does it look like when yarn start has successfully started grafana?

I get a list of files that were built, but I don’t see any messages about a server starting, and when I go to localhost:3000, the browser offers to look for localhost3000.org. What am I missing?


Run ./grafana-server once yarn start seems to have completed, though I am never certain how you are supposed to know when that is. If you leave yarn running then I think it will automatically rebuild if you make changes, though not sure on that. I normally kill it as I am running on a Pi with limited resources.

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I think that my first issue was that the path to bra was incorrect, both in the Make file and the documentation, so bra did not get downloaded. Next, the path to bra from the make file doesn’t point to where bra wound up, so I needed to use bra run there. I am currently stalled out because bra run can’t execute build-cli from build.go.

Can someone tell me again how all these fancy build tools simplify our lives? :wink: