If bra has rebuilding grafana source, i have to do restart grafana-server.exe?

i need add some code in pkg, I turned on “bra run” and put my code in pkg/index.go.
bra send log success build but i can’t see change in localhost:3000(I refreshed it.)

this img, I checked it out as if it had not been rebuilt.

grafana-server file is changed date but grafana-server.exe file not changed date…
so If I want to see it changes automatically, i have to restart grafana-server.exe???

It looks like you are developing on Windows. The file watching feature of bra is a linux only feature. So if you are developing on Windows, you will have to build manually and restart grafana-server.exe after every change to the Go code.

i understand!
Thank you very much!

hi,I changed some js code in plugin(pie-chart) , after I restart grafana-server ,I didn’t see any change,I don’t understand why

Is this related to the original question? Are you running on Windows?

Did you build the code in the pie-chart plugin by running grunt first?