What can I do to get missing dates on the Table?

Hello mates,
I’m new to Grafana and I have a question.
The version I use is v9.4.7

I used the table in one of my dashboards. I have a display named day, we got the dates from the last 7 days but there’re two that are missing. For example we got the 26.05; 27.05; 30.05; … but I miss the 28 and 29. What can I do to get these? Or is it because we don’t have any datas at these days?

My settings:


I hope that any of these are useful and I’m hoping for a good answer, thanks and have a nice day

Hi @sellery

If InfluxDB does not have any data on the 28th, 29th, etc. then Grafana will not have data to put into the table.

What about changing to a time series graph? (you can also change it to bars if that’s your preference) How does the data look spanning the 24th through the 31st?

Yes thats what I thought. I had to do it with a Table cause my superior told me but Thank You for the answer.

By that do you eventually know how I change the time e.g. in time series to months? If that works? Or is there an other visualization where I can do that?
Cause I want to have a view over the consumption per month.

I would think just changing the Group By to 1M

ah my mistake I only tried the ‘m’, thank you