Weird interpolation error

Hey guys. So I’m using influxdb 2.0. I have a chart that is using variables. Everything is displaying properly. But when I hit explore, I get the following error “invalid: compilation failed: error at @6:6-9:1: expected RPAREN, got EOF”. Anyone see this before? I see that it interpolates the variables into some regex which seems to be the problem. So here is the query
import “experimental/aggregate”
from(bucket: “NY2”)
|> range(start: v.timeRangeStart, stop: v.timeRangeStop)
|> filter(fn: ® => r["_measurement"] == “kernel”)
|> filter(fn: ® => r["_field"] == “context_switches”)
|> filter(fn: ® => r[“host”] == “$Server”)
|> aggregate.rate(every: 30s, unit: 1s)
|> yield(name: “mean”)
$Server gets interpolated into “name.stack.loc”. Those . are apparently the problem. But they aren’t a problem when I’m just viewing them graphs on the main page as it properly renders. FTR, the variable server doesn’t have the .

As detailed here and here, this appears to be an Influx issue (the right parenthesis is missing from the end). Can you manually add the missing right parenthesis?