Ways of displaying day of the week on time series

I’d like to be able to visualize the day of the week in a time series chart. It doesn’t look like there’s a way to include day of the week on the x-axis?

Alternatively, is it possible to have day of the week as part of the tool tip when mousing over a point?

Or maybe if “Time Regions” allows for custom text for that region - and the custom text would disappear if it can’t be displayed?

Here’s me trying to show what I’m thinking of.

I just want a better way to make days of the week more visible in visualizations. Maybe there’s a better way that Grafana does this?

I’m using Grafana 7.1.5.

it looks like you might want to use the Bar Chart, which can use arbitrary strings on the x axis:


See the docs for the data model that you will need to fit:

NOTE: you’ll have to update to use the bar chart