WARN[0040] Request Failed error="stream error: stream ID 3; INTERNAL_ERROR"

I created a har file for a browser load test and then converted the har file to JS with the k6 converter tool. Then when I run the script I get a WARN[0040] error. Does anyone know how to fix this?

WARN[0040] is not an error code, it’s a warning of a failed HTTP request that happens at the 40th second of the script execution :sweat_smile: Not the best UX, I’d admit, but if you run k6 with --verbose, you’d see a lot more log messages and see this isn’t something special.

Regarding the actual error, it might be caused by any number of things. Maybe k6 overloads your system under test, maybe a network issue, maybe an HTTP2 issue with the server :man_shrugging: I’d suggest upgrading the k6 version to the latest v0.27.0 and not worrying about a single HTTP request failure, unless it’s consistent. And if it is, investigate the issue with the specific URL on the server side?