Error: stream error: stream ID 9; INTERNAL_ERROR; received from peer

I got an error when trying to submit the login form with a lot of users.

 Request Failed error="stream error: stream ID 9; INTERNAL_ERROR; received from peer"

I guess it’s not K6 problem, It’s the problem on my website because It worked when I adjusted the number of users to be smaller less than 10.

Have you guys had a similar problem?

Thank you very much for any help!

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Hi @lehoaibaokg

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It is difficult to pinpoint the cause of these errors without more context.

From what you say, it does indeed seem that your sever cannot deal with the load, or the spike the load is creating if you start all the VUs with limited ramp up time.

I would also look at the website logs and metrics while you run this test, and you should see if you have any errors or if the metrics (CPU, memory, etc) show a bottleneck. It could even be a network bottleneck depending on the load.

For running large tests, it’s worth having a look at the documentation: Running large tests It’s probably not your case, though worth reviewing if you are running a huge load.

To find out when your website login breaks, you can attempt a stress test. You can increase the load, starting at 10 users where it’s working for you. And find out when the website becomes unresponsive. On the same page you’ll find how to do spike testing, if what you are trying to see is how your website would respond to spikes.

Since you mention that you are testing the login operation, it might not be realistic to have lots of users login at the same time on your website. Have a look at scenarios and executors, as they will help you model your load more realistically.

I’m not sure if you’ve already seen it, I particularly like the introduction to k6 in k6-learn

I hope this helps.


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I ignored that error from my test, maybe the site is unstable.
Thank you very much!

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