Login Scenario failing with K6


Hello team, i am working on a script where i have to login into the system using okta . and after login i have to perform some exercise, when i am running my script with 5 VUS it is working fine but when i increase VUs i am getting 429 error(too many request) for the addational vus.

Example::::::if i am running the script with 6 users >>>> 5 users are able to login , but for the 6th username i am getting 429 error .

kindly help here

Hello folks ,
can anyone provide their valuable suggestion on how can i rectify above mentioned issue.

Hi @ajaykumar8 , welcome to the community forum!

I think, this is because of the system you are testing performs a rate limiting. You are allowed to make a specidied amount of requests in a specified period of time. (e.g. 5 req/sec) If you hit this rate limit, you get HTTP 429.

If you know this rate limit, you can organize your script so,that not to hit the limit.
e.g.: using constant-arrival-rate executor, or sleep

hi @bandorko , thank you for replying here , just now i hit the same request with 10 thread in jmeter , and it worked fine but same request throw 429 in k6 .
i am not understanding why this is happening.

FYI :: i am not allowed to use jmeter here due to some reason ,so need to resolve this asap.