vRops and Grafana

Hi Everybody,

First of all: I dont know a lot of Grafana. I have it running in basic mode for Automate (read out sql) and that’s the farest I can get :slight_smile:

Now I want to use Grafana also for reading out vRops. It uses API from I’m reading in the documentation.
I really don’t know how to build the dashboard.

What I did so far is add the Simple Json Datasource and added the url and login and pwd and the Testing is Succesfull.

But after that I really don’t know how to config teh dashboard.

I’m using Postman now to read out / test the GET function.

If I do GET “https://urlvropsserver/suite-api/api/alerts” I get a json code with all the alerts.
How do I get this in a dashboard? How to add this alerts in a dashboard of the last day, week? How to add alerts from of a timeperiod like CPU usage or memory?

I also can GET “https://urlvropsserver/suite-api/api/alerts/alertidnumber” and this is showing me a specific alert.

Is there anyone who can explain a NooB like me how to do that? Just get me to create a dashboard and how to configure in very basic terms.

Really would appreciate it guys :slight_smile: