Alerts and threshold

I am trying to transform existing JSON scripts (that we used to copy paste into Grafana UI) into a format where we can POST them using REST API into Grafana to create or update dashboards. Basically we want to stop copy/paste and start using REST API - to automate creation or updating dashboards.

Anyone attempted this before? Is there any tool available that I can use ? Thanks,

Hi @dhananjaydarke,

How far have you explored this transition? Have you considered using the Grafana SDK?

From the README:

SDK for Go language offers a library for interacting with Grafana server from Go applications. It realizes many of HTTP REST API calls for administration, client, organizations. Beside of them it allows creating of Grafana objects (dashboards, panels, datasources) locally and manipulating them for constructing dashboards programmatically. It would be helpful for massive operations on a large set of Grafana objects.

There is a client library for Python as well, I believe.