Viewing Jaeger tracing using Grafana

Hi all, I’m running Grafana version 7.5.17 on a Openshift 4.10 cluster in order to deploy a monitoring solution based on Grafana itself, otel-collector (opentelemetry), Prometheus (metrics), Jaeger (traces) and a custom application for the logs.

After adding a jaeger datasource on Grafana as mentioned here, I can easily browse and view the jaeger traces directly from the Grafana “Explore” tab.
I’m wondering whether creating a dashboard for viewing traces is supported or not. In fact, if I try to create a new dashboard and set up a query, the jaeger datasource is not selectable (while it is present and selectable from the Explore menu).

Can you confirm that it is “by-design” and that for the jaeger datasource it is not possible to create dashboards, but only query traces from Explore?
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I would say you have quite old Grafana version. I don’t have your problem with recent one (10.2.2):

Hi @jangaraj, thanks for the quick reply, the version was the one used by the customer, I’ll immediately try with the most recent version…

Hi, using a more recent version of Grafana, 9.2.10, the latest available from Red Hat registry as

works well and I was able to create a dashboard from a jaeger datasource.
Thanks again!

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