Is it possible to display more data sources other then logs and metrics within dashboards?

Hello there,

Currently running a Grafana testing setup in Minikube on an ubuntu 20.04 machine. everything is working well, except i want to experiment with some features i think are not available or possible. first of all, i have a jaeger and loki setup to collect traces from a testing application. those traces are available within “explore” but i’d like these to be available as a panel within the dashboard section as well, is this even doable?

Furthermore, the explore section has the possibility to identify trade ID’s and automatically link these to jaeger. i’d like it to be possible to have these trace ID links within a logs panel. is that possible?

Finally i’m trying to do some predictions within grafana. for example, to see how quickly a disk is filling and generate an alert that the disk will be full in x days. i’ve been searching a lot of topics and articles but i haven’t found a way to do this yet.

thanks for the help,

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